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2019-10-20 15:46:58 | Profile
John Don... You are welcome...

Victor Mugambi

2019-07-05 01:15:36 | Profile
thats a 12 yr old? shit jailbait was some serious shit back when i grew up apparently, thought these 14 yr old kids now were insane but this one looks 30! ;)

Богдан Малик

2019-05-13 10:49:20 | Profile
Happy r u sad ????????????

Andre Holcombe

2019-01-10 14:20:26 | Profile
em algum lugar que toque Big, Pac e Sublime ..

okuma __xoxo

2019-01-09 01:21:47 | Profile
Dad shirt. Brad gave zero fucks.

Shane Mapili

2019-01-08 06:57:42 | Profile
ya I earthman know anne of this song she a girl who murdered her father with her brain she made her father empale himself with a wraek handle and she ended up getting found on the streets in nfld or somewere near PEI by a drunk douschbag and his seven sons who are not her biological brothers cause her real bros left in different direction and she only had 2 brothers not 7... and not Horny.... and she what killed her own father cause she needed a bath and woulnd let her father give her a bath she a stubborn lil child with mind control powers that got taken away from her when she killed her own father and the karma fucked her and she got sold on the streets later she got a daughter outta that and named hey Kyra... and kyra is a lil bitch.... and karma is gonna hit Kyra pretty hard too


2018-12-30 16:19:39 | Profile
I always thought this song was about a girl who was whored out to her brothers. Im sorta right

silvia dos santos

2018-12-28 17:50:15 | Profile
She was hot before she butchered her hair lol

Steffi B.

2018-12-28 08:31:28 | Profile
Bro I love Sublime. this video looks like a brandon Rodgers video. I love Brandon Rodgers as well.