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Толик Д

2019-07-30 13:21:38 | Profile
This 1 of my favourite songs !

Tyreek Murillo

2019-01-22 19:28:46 | Profile
At school in 6th form we have our own common room with a music system, and this played on a loop. I am forever transported back to that room every time I hear this song.

Angry Okie Gaming

2018-12-31 13:03:46 | Profile
this has something different from the one i have on the disc, its a bit faster

Kristina Donlic

2018-12-19 01:26:07 | Profile
Whoaaaa This song is running way too fast

Нурлан Мухатьянов

2018-12-13 03:39:36 | Profile
35 years into the future from 1984 and im going to watch some Hatsune Miku then.

Elizabeth Thomason

2018-12-12 06:07:47 | Profile
Wow tre biondi scalzi

Tim Weiss

2018-12-04 04:51:41 | Profile
Simplesmente magico.

Salva Sanchez

2018-11-21 05:05:28 | Profile
The songs by The Police are good, but the videos just seem awkward.

Anders in Fire

2018-11-19 02:33:13 | Profile
Those who disliked this song must be from 2000 or so..

Антон Дросов

2018-11-12 14:06:23 | Profile
Muito lindo! Recordar com os Depllis. Muitas saudades!

Myeka Willis

2018-11-04 02:22:55 | Profile
They need to release this version. The other version has a lower pitch. But i find this version more satisfying to listen to


2018-10-30 14:36:19 | Profile
Love this song. It reminds me of high school. Days gone bye. Lol. Peace.