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1 Wall Of Voodoo - Can't Make Love 256 03:46
2 Wall Of Voodoo - Longarm 256 03:46


Woody Montana

2019-01-08 02:49:04 | Profile
I wonder if SPM ever heard this song

Pete Crossley

2018-12-24 11:07:25 | Profile
Wolfman Jack is smiling from the Great Beyond!


2018-12-21 20:38:38 | Profile
hanging out at the zona Rosa ... neuvo laredo mexico.....red light district in border Laredo tx,Nuevo Laredo mexico....across the Rio grande .....same trip always a trip .....we had death metal,punk rock ....goth industrial. ..jams back in the good old days.....98....2006???? give or take... . Patrick

Emina Sarvan

2018-12-13 20:07:33 | Profile
I always thought this song was funny as hell but the lyrics are sheer genius. Miss shit like this today.

Jo Ral

2018-12-07 22:13:57 | Profile
Worse then I remembered.The 80s was the Worst decade for popular music.

jon havier

2018-12-04 04:59:47 | Profile
I support building a Wall of Voodoo along our border with the Mexican Radio.